Bangkok Solutions Security

At Bangkok Solutions, security is our absolute highest priority. In the spirit of openness and transparency, here are some of the security measures we take to protect and defend the Bangkok Solutions platform.

SOC 2 Type 1 Certified + SOC 2 Type 2 on the way

To prove our high commitment to strong security, availability and privacy, we have gone through SOC 2 Type 1 certification with the help of Drata and Johanson Group LLP. We expect to be SOC 2 Type 2 certified in April 2022, and will be doing annual SOC 2 Type 2 certification going forward.

We protect your data

All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations. Files that our customers upload are stored on servers that use modern techniques to remove bottlenecks and points of failure.

Your users’ data never leaves our servers

We distinguish between data about your users and data about you, yourself. While, for example, your billing information is shared with Stripe, and your profile is accessible to us in our help desk software, any data about your users are never shared with any external providers, and never leaves our server cluster hosted with Google Cloud Platform.

We don’t collect information from your users’ browsers

When Bangkok Solutions.js is installed in your app, the only information that’s required to be sent to Bangkok Solutions is the current user’s ID (or a hash of the ID, if you don’t want to share the ID either). Any user attributes you want to include is completely in your control. By default, Bangkok Solutions also tracks page views including the current URL, but this can be turned off.

To be perfectly clear: Bangkok Solutions does not collect any information from your users’ browsers. All logic such as “whether an element is present” or “what the value of a text input is” is handled 100% client-side and never leaves the browser.

Encrypting data in transit

Whenever your data is in transit between you (or your users) and us, everything is encrypted, and sent using HTTPS.

During a user agent’s (typically a web browser) first site visit, Bangkok Solutions sends a Strict Transport Security Header (HSTS) to the user agent that ensures that all future requests should be made via HTTPS even if a link to Bangkok Solutions is specified as HTTP. Additionally, we use HSTS preload, guaranteeing that requests are never – not even the very first – made over a non-encrypted connection. Cookies are also set with a secure flag.

Encrypting data at rest

Any files which you upload to us are stored and are encrypted at rest.

Flows/tour content, user attributes and events (all stored in Google Cloud SQL) aren’t encrypted at rest — they are active in our database. Our backups of your data are encrypted.

Hosted on Google Cloud Platform

Bangkok Solutions is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Our database is managed by Google Cloud SQL, ensuring redundancy, high availability and trustworthy automated, encrypted backups.
Google Cloud Platform is certified for a growing number of compliance standards and controls, and undergoes several independent third party audits to test for data safety, privacy, and security. Read more about the specific certifications on the GCP compliance page.

Concurrency and rate limiting

We employ several layers to protect against abuse and DoS attacks, such as concurrency limiting (limits number of active requests) and rate limiting (limits number of requests over time). Our servers gracefully queue requests when under high load, and handles them at a safe pace.

Organizational practices

  • We operate under the principle of least privilege: Employees are assigned the lowest level of access that allows them to do their work.
  • Two-factor authentication is enforced in all sensitive systems.
  • All employees are required to use approved password managers (like Lastpass or 1Password) to generate and store strong passwords that are never reused.
  • All employees are required to encrypt local hard drives and enable screen locking for device security.
  • All access to application admin functionalities is restricted to a small subset of Bangkok Solutions staff.
  • We never store customer data on personal devices (like laptops).

Development practices

  • All code changes are thoroughly tested through our Continuous Integration software.
  • All code changes is tested in a staging environment before deploying to production.
  • We use automatic security vulnerability detection tools to alert us when our dependencies have known security issues. We are aggressive about applying patches and deploying quickly.
  • We use several tools and services to automatically monitor uptime and site availability. Key employees receive automatic email and SMS notifications in the case of downtime or emergencies.
  • Logs are permanently deleted after 14 days.

Penetration testing

On top of our development-related continuous testing, we also conduct periodic third-party manual penetration testing of both our application and infrastructure. You can request a copy of our latest report at

Regularly-updated infrastructure

Our software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our products run on a dedicated network which is locked down with firewalls and carefully monitored. While perfect security is a moving target, we work with security researchers to keep up with the state-of-the-art in web security.

We protect your billing information

All credit card transactions are processed via Stripe using secure encryption—the same level of encryption used by leading banks. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-Compliant network.

Have a concern? Need to report an incident?

Have you noticed abuse, misuse, an exploit, or experienced an incident with your account? Send urgent or sensitive reports directly to We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours. Please follow up if you don’t hear back. For requests that aren’t urgent or sensitive: submit a support request to

Keeping customer data safe and secure is a huge responsibility and a top priority. We work hard to protect our customers from the latest threats. Your input and feedback on our security is always appreciated.

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